about money making scams

About Money Making Scams

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There are a lot of Money Making scams out there but the very worse in my book are those who are preying on unsuspecting beginners.

If you have fallen for an online scam in your pursuit to make some money online, you are not alone. I have done the same. The About money making scamsthing about Money Making Scams is that they all have certain things in common. Here are some identifying factors about Making Money Scams and scammers and the tactics that they use.

The Tactics Used

The tactics used are easily identified if you know what to look for. They are targeting their audience, trying to appeal to folks who need some extra cash and are gullible and trusting. You know the old saying “it seems too good to be true”…

Yes, we would all like for things to just fall in our lap without much effort. However, the fact is that it takes work to make money online. It takes building a business.

Tactic # 1.

Secret FormulaAbout Money Making Scams question mark

  • They will promise to give you a secret formula. You will believe there is a secret formula, there must be, right?
  • There is always some secret that if you knew, you would be up one!
  • You would be “in the know” and be able to make all the money you could ever want.  That would be wonderful to know a secret that could make you rich if you knew it. However, even though there is no secret formula.
  • There is a secret……it’s You. There is money to be made online, and it takes hard work, knowing what you are doing persistence and dedication. It takes educating yourself how to do it.

Tactic #2.

Lifestyle they live

  • They show you the fancy cars they drive, pictures of exotic places they have traveled to, big yachts, etc. They show youYacht - about making money scams this and tell you that you can have it too, if you only join in, sign up, take the course, etc.
  • They go on and on about the lifestyle they live and if you just listen to them and give them your money, they can teach it to you too. It’s all very enticing.
  • They appeal to your emotions of wanting to have all those things too. Who would not want to travel and stay in exotic places and drive fancy cars? After all, you deserve it too.

Tactic #3.

No Specifics given

  • A scammer will go on and on about how much benefit you will get if you join up never giving any specifics of the actual opportunity. Instead, they show screenshots of their sales showing huge numbers.They never give you the actual info. They go on and on about the end benefits withoutAbout Money Making Scams telling you any real information that will help educate you.

Tactic #4


  • They push and show and show and push. They are ultra aggressive. Once you are convinced and bite, they take your money and run. There is no support and no way to get answers. You feel all alone. To get your money back is an act of Congress and sometimes just can’t be done.

Tactic #5.

They Prey on Beginners

  • If you are new to Online Marketing, you are being targeted by the online “gurus”. If you google “how to get rich quickabout money making scams you will find some of these gurus selling their wares.
  • They know as a beginner you may be thinking that there is a secret to making money online, or some fancy software or a cash generating website is the key.
  • However, the key is you, as an entrepreneur, with creative persistence and determination, willing to put the time in to educate yourself on exactly how the internet works and how making money on the internet really works.

Tactic #6.

No knowledge or skill needed

  • They tell you that by following their methods, you do not need to know anything and it will work for anyone without any effort on their part. This tactic is very common and although it should make bells go off, there are so many, TOO MANY people who fall for this!
  • There is no free lunch, you must put in the time and learn the skills needed to make money on the internet.

These are the most common tactics that are used by “The Gurus” to get your money. They appeal to your emotions to get you about making money scamsto buy and they may make you feel stupid if you don’t purchase NOW because of the price increases tomorrow!

These “Gurus” never use terms like SEO Optimization, Keyword Research, Content rich articles, page rank, link authority etc. The reason they don’t is that gives the beginner or newbie something they can look up.

The REAL way to Make Money Online

So what is the real way to make money online? Building a business is the real way to make money online. If you want to be successful in anything, you learn about it and how to do it.

In order to learn how to make money online, you go where there are others learning the same thing.  You apply yourself and do the homework and get help when you need it from others in the community or school or university who can help you.

You take courses, you apply what you learn. You take action and become more knowledgeable about what you are doing. Youabout money making scams don’t give up. You persist with determination.

That is how you learn to make money online.  It is the same way that you learned anything in life.

I have given you a good idea of what to look out for when you are searching for ways to make money online.

There are many many so-called “gurus” and courses and software that are being marketed especially to beginners that are just “money grabs” (they are just trying to make the sale).

I hope you don’t or stop falling for them. I know, they sound very convincing and I have fallen for them too. Then I found Wealthy Affiliate University. It is truly a great place to learn everything you need to create your online business. Start building your business now.

If you are ready to take the road to creating an income online I invite you to join me at Wealthy Affiliate University. You can start free.

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As a Starter member, you get complete access to the Website Builder and the ability to create TWO free websites on the siteRubix.com domain. These are FULL WordPress sites and are hosted on our state-of-the-art servers.

You will get 10 free lessons along with the support of thousands of members. You have the option to upgrade to premium membership or stay a free member.

Read my complete review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

I hope I have given you insight into Money Making Scams.

I like to hear from readers to know if I have helped you so please leave me a comment below or look my profile up on Wealthy Affiliate.

Get started on building your business today! You will have personal access to me plus some special bonuses. Click the Red link below for Instant Access.


About Money Making Scams

About Money Making Scams





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  1. This is a great article on identifying scams. I particularly like (dislike) the tactic of telling people no knowledge or skill required. This tactic is so bogus. Beginners need to understand that they are competing against other marketers. And many of these marketers are very skillful and very experienced. The only way a beginner can compete, or have a chance, is to get educated first.

  2. Hi,

    I have seen every single one of the tactics you mention here and it really bothers me because I have lost money falling for these tactics.

    It just makes me sick that some people are out there spending all of their time coming up with ways they can take advantage of people. It’s terrible.

    I feel like the people who start these scam programs must be pretty smart to come up with these ways to deceive people out of their money and if they only focused that energy on helping people they could really make a consistent living.


    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I know how you feel, I have fallen for quite a few of those money making scams myself.

      You are so right these people are smart. However, like you said they are only hurting themselves. It is always best to help others and add value when you can.

      It is a learning lesson to realize and be able to spot them!

  3. I wish there had been a post like this in my early days of looking to make money online. I could have saved thousands of dollars and hours of frustration. Thanks for pointing out the commonalities of scammers.

    1. Hi Richard,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I am with you on that. I have been scammed also. It took me a while to find out sometimes. I was so gullible. I just wanted to learn. I did learn what to look out for during the process. I am thankful for that. To have found Wealthy Affiliate is such a blessing and so refreshing.

  4. This a great article on identifying scam. But importantly in sharing what is real. I hope people will read your article to be informed.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Rupert,
      Thank you for your comment. I hope anyone searching online comes across the information that will take them to the level they are looking for without having to learn the hard way like I did. Wealthy Affiliate is for beginners as well as seasoned marketers. They are real and it is a blessing to those who join.

  5. I’ve been lucky enough to work online full time for about seven years now…but the road was far from smooth. These scams get everyone – even me…in the beginning. That’s what they are designed to do…and that’s what they do well!
    It’s great to see a website like this taking the topic by the scruff of the neck and highlighting it – hopefully this will help a few people avoid the money loss!

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Congratulations on making online marketing work for you! It is hard work and I agree it is well worth it.

      It is so important to know that there are scams and scammers out there ready to take your hard earned money!

      It is so important to avoid the scams online. It is my goal to provide helpful information about this topic and hopefully spare others harm.

  6. Hi Cynthiah,

    I read an article not so long ago where an expert on preventing internet scamming advised that the best way to ensure less victims was to stop embarrassing those who have been victimized and instead provide information on how they can, going forward, get the knowledge they need to ensure that they don’t become victims again and actually recognize red flags that signal FRAUD.

    It’s also important to understand that anyone can be scammed. Take a look, for example, at some scams that do not target “older less internet savvy users” but younger people who are supposedly more savvy users.

    The target audience for those get rich quick schemes are mostly millennials that want to be wealthy in the next year with minimal effort. The gurus try to sell you on a system that will supposedly make you rich–the secret formula–yet that guru is not making money using that system, but instead selling that system to you.

    So old or young, long time user of the internet or occasional user, anyone can be scammed. I think your post does an excellent job in making people aware of the different ways it can be done. Very useful and relevant post.

    1. Hi Thabo,
      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, quite a few young millennials want everything done for them They are a perfect target for an online make money scam. Although anyone can be scammed I think when you are a beginner you are targeted by these savvy internet scammers.

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