Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit?

Email Processing Job Scam – or is it Legit?

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If you do a search for different ways to make money online, you may come across all sorts of scams. The Email Processing Job Scam is one of them.

The first thing I  noticed is that there is no real product. The “Product” is teaching you how to place ads getting others to pay the $25 to you. It is more like the old “gifting” letters I used to get in the mail.Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit?

This is not a real business. Some will argue with this but the fact remains, all you will be doing is duping someone into giving you $25. It becomes a game of how many people can you get to give you $25. It may not be illegal but is this how you want to create a business? If you want to create a long term income online, it takes work and knowledge. There are no shortcuts.

Email Processing Job Scams are all over the internet.

If you do a search you will most likely come across several such as these three:

Email Processing Jobs scam



Price: $25 plus upsells

My Overall Rating: 2/10

I gave Email Processing Systems a 2/10 rating. It is not illegal however it is not a legitimate way to make a stable income online either. It is one of those marketing schemes that will teach you one thing if nothing else. It will teach you that this is not the way to make much money online. These types of schemes are all over the internet and it is the new people just trying to make some money online that always fall for them. This is what these systems bank on! They want Newbies!

There are certain things to look for when trying to decide if a money making opportunity online is legit or not and these systems have most of them.

Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit?


  • It sounds too good to be true
  • You are shown screenshots of proof
  • There is a “secret” formula
  • They show you a fancy lifestyle
  • No specifics are given
  • They are very aggressive
  • They prey on beginners
  • No knowledge or skill is needed

When you get to the Email Processing System website you see GUARANTEED INCOME staring you in the face. First of all, there is never a way to make money online that is guaranteed. Then you scroll down and you see “Newbies” wanted. This is because you are easily duped! I should know, for years I believed the hype and fell for programs that never really went anywhere. This is one of those.

If you are familiar with Multi-Level Marketing, this system is a lot like that. What you will be doing is recruiting people to sign up for the very same program you signed up for. There are no levels or downlines. There is no product either. It is just you getting people to give you $25. You use the same tactics they use.

The system goes like this: They give you ads you can place in places like Craigslist and you copy and paste. Take a look at any city on Craigslist and you will find these ads. They also tell you to market in places like Facebook and Youtube.

I watched several Youtube videos promoting this program. Most who are promoting this are not in business anymore. You can go on Youtube and check this out. There are a lot of Youtube videos trying to entice people to join this email processing system. This is one of the ways to promote the program.

Here is another one that you may come across:



Price: $75.00

My overall rating: 1/10

Email Processing Jobs is another site that has a slightly different scheme going on. They want you to give t

Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit?

hem $75 up front. They also say the income is guaranteed and they have limited positions! They are much more blatantly dishonest. This site has a warning on Scamalert also. The site is out of US but the real country is hidden! This is a big Alert!

This site tells you that there are limited positions and a guaranteed income. They mislead you to believe you will have a guaranteed income of $250 per day. They show you pictures of checks for the proof. However they want you to have a Paypal account.

They want you to pay them $75 but you have to process 10 emails per day to make $250! That’s $25 per email that you will be charging.

There are different versions and in my research I came across another ripoff report. It looks like there are quite a few unscrupulous marketers out there doing all sorts of versions of email processing.


Website :

Price: $25

My overall rating – 1/10

This program has a complaint on Ripoff Report. They claim they did not even receive the detail of the program. They were told that they must have paid a hacker. They also said that they try to get you to email them a receipt from Paypal so they can get Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit?your details.

Email Processing 4 Cash is just another version of the same type program. There is no real product. They sell you a system of a way to get others to pay you what you just paid.  It is a lot of hype and misleading promises. They tell you they do not give refunds. Any legit system will always be able to offer a refund.

The one good thing in case you are not familiar, Paypal has a money back policy. All you have to do is log into your account and do a dispute to get the refund process started.

The Pros and Cons of Email Processing Type Programs


Pros –

  • Easy to join
  • copy and paste system
Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit

Cons –

  • Not a good business model
  • Not very ethical
  • Basic gifting scheme
  • No real product
  • a lot of competition
  • must recruit and spam people
  • no long-term customers


All three of the email processing programs I have mentioned are in my opinion definitely scams and I cannot recommend any to you. You are not really processing emails at all. What you will be doing is placing ads (the same as others are posting) on places like Craigslist and Facebook that links back to your website. (That is actually one of the upsells).

These types of email processing Job Scams are rampant all over the internet.  They are basically all the same. Don’t be duped by any of these. To really be successful online takes long-term insight to know that the shady way is the losing way. If you want to learn the right way to create an online income for now and the future there are many legit programs out there.

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Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit?



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Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit?

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  1. I have to give you a big thank you for warning me about email processing job scams. I am looking for a genuine opportunity to start an online business and hopefully retire from my full-time job. I noticed you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate just above.
    Are you a member there yourself and can I do this still working at my regular employment?
    Looking forward to your response, Jeff.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I am so glad that I was able to help.

      To answer your question, yes I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I have been for over a year now and can tell you there is not another program like it anywhere. I do promote Wealthy Affiliate but I also promote other products with my other website also.

      Yes Jeff you can work on building your business in your spare time. There are many who are doing that now and even those who were able to quit their job after building a full time income. If you have a minimum of 2 hours to work on building your business you can be successful.

      Try it for free and see what you think.

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