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How To Check Your Website Ranking On Google

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There are many tools online to check your website ranking and your ranking for each page of your site. This is important to know. Some of the more popular tools include Serplab and Whatsmyserp. There are many others also. There is controversy on how accurate these types of tools are. I want to tell you how to check your website ranking on Google free, easy, and accurate.Keyboard Just Google It

If you just want to check a keyword quickly, here is an easy way to do it. You may think just type your website into Google search and see where your website is. However, Google knows it is you who is searching and the results will not be accurate. They will show you that you are page 1 when in fact you are not.

To remedy this, open an incognito window.  In Chrome, click on the 3 lines in the upper right-hand corner. Chrome Incognito Window


Then click on “Incognito Mode”.Clicking on Incognito Mode in Chrome


Now you are incognito Mode in Chrome. Just type your website URL into the address window.

Incognito in Chrome

This is a great easy way to check one or two keywords. However, today I want to tell you how to check your website ranking on Google with Google Search Console. It is very easy and you will end up getting the most accurate results. You can check each keyword and each URL of your website pages.

Google Site Rank Checker – Search Console

There are many sites and tools you can use to check your website ranking. Just perform a search and they will be many. However, with Google as long as you have Google Analytics set up on your site you can check your ranking for free and it will be much more accurate. After all, it’s Google themselves.

Google provides their own online rank checker free. Google is the master when it comes to search engines. It is important to know where your website ranks on Google and it is not hard to find out where your pages of your website rank. All you have to do is know the steps to take.

Google Search Console and & Webmasters are the same

  1. Go to Google Search Console and sign in or just click on the button that says SEARCH CONSOLE. If you don’t have an account, you can create one.
  2. Click on your website URL that you want to check. This brings up your dashboard where you can see your website.
  3. Click on “Search Traffic” then Search Analytics. At this point, it will show Queries.
  4. Click on “position”. At this point, you will see the position of your keywords you have used in your posts.
  5. To check the position of your pages click “pages”. Here you will see the actual position of your pages.

That is really all there is to find how your website is ranking on Google!

Here are some pictures to help step by step.

  1. Go to Click on the green “Search Console” box.

Google Webmaster entrance page

2. Click on the green box (SEARCH CONSOLE) or click sign in and then pick Analytics.

Property listing in Google Search console

3. Your website URL’s will be listed. To begin checking Google ranking, click on the URL (website) you want to check.

4. The dashboard then comes up. It looks like this. Click Search Traffic then Search Analytics.

Google Search Console Dashboard

5.  You will see Search Analytics and it will be set on Queries at this point.

How To Check Your Website Ranking On Google

6. Click on Position. At this point, you can scroll down and see the ranking position of the keywords you have used in your post or article.

7. To check the ranking position of your pages click pages. Here you will see the ranking position of your post pages. 

Once you find the ranking position of your pages, you can go a step further and use that information to find new keywords to rank for. To find new keywords to write about, let’s go……..

Mining Keywords Inside of Search Analytics

In order for this to work, you must have some traffic statistics. If your site is new and you do not have traffic yet then this won’t work. Here is how you find some awesome new keywords.

To find the keywords for a particular page follow these steps:

  1.  Change Queries to pages.
  2.  Click on the page URL.
  3.  Click back on Queries.

At this point, all the keywords that you are ranking for that page will be listed. Just scroll down to see them.

To Find New Keywords:

  1. Once you are into Search Analytics, Check Mark all options: Clicks, Impressions, CTR, and Position.
  2. Then click on PAGES. This shows all your URL’s
  3. Click on a URL result.
  4. Go back to Queries. You will see the keywords ranked for that page.
  5. Look for the most IMPRESSIONS. (How many times site has been in SER (Search Engine Results) for that keyword.
  6. Click on the column to bring most impressions to top of results. (The columns are portable).
  7. Look for keywords that have high impressions but low clicks. You have found a keyword.
  8. Write a new post with this keyword that you found. 

After you have written the new post, if you link back to the older post you will help that older post!

Another really cool thing you can do is……….

View Google Search Console inside Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool where you can create reports to analyze the traffic coming to your website. This helps you understand your customer and hopefully create a better experience for them.

You can view your Google Search Console in Analytics. Here is how to set it up.

  1. Go to  Sign in (upper right-hand corner).
  2. Click on ADMIN. ( Lower left-hand side)
  3. In the Property column, click on Property Settings.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click on ADJUST SEARCH CONSOLE.
  5. A popup will show.
  6. Click Edit
  7. Pick same URL (your website) then click SAVE.Google Analytics Quote

Google Analytics can now use this data in some of the reporting inside Analytics. At the home screen in Analytics, click acquisition then search console. Here you can click on landing pages, Countries, Devices, and Queries.

Clicking Landing pages will bring up Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Average position and more. Clicking on Countries will show you which countries your traffic is coming from.  Click Devices and you will see which devices like desktop or cellphone were used. Then if you click Queries, you will see the queries used.

That’s how to check your website ranking on Google. What do you think? Have you tried checking your ranking on Google Search Console?

I like to hear from readers so please let me know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.

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Spread the love
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  1. Oh wow, thank you for posting this article! I didn’t realize that just doing a regular search on Google to see where you’re ranked is not always accurate. I did not know about incognito mode in Chrome, but will start using that as a way to see where certain keyword posts rank. I will also use Google Search Console now as well. I didn’t realize how easy Google made it to see where you’re ranked.

    1. Hi  Brian,

      Thanks for your comment. You are very welcome. I’m glad this post about checking your ranking with Google has helped you. 

      Let me know how you are doing with it and if you have questions. 

      Much luck to you,


  2. Thanks for the tip on using google console, Id never heard of it before and had up until now just being going incognito and then scrolling through all my keywords. I was on page 3 and 4 for a couple of my keywords/posts and now I’ve disappeared off – do you know why this might have happened at all?? thanks!

    1. Hi Alice,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I hope you set up your account on both Google Search Console (Webmasters) and also Google Analytics if you haven’t done so already.

      As far as your ranking goes, it can fluctuate almost daily. Google uses a lot of factors to rank websites and any keywords/posts that you have done can raise or drop in rankings. If you have slacked off in posting on a regular basis this could have an effect. Google puts trust in websites who are around for a while and are posting regularly and engaging with visitors.

      You can boost your rankings by going into an older post and redoing it a bit then linking to the post you want to boost. Make sure you fetch as google and resubmit your site map too. Please let me know if this helps you.  

  3. All that technical staff about Google and search engines sound complicated but if someone explains to you, it is really easy to learn it.

    I checked my site with search analytics as you said and I saw that I have already some clicks. That’s great, thanks for the help. I guess that the next step is to increase the clicks.

    1. Hi llias,

      Thanks so much for your comment. So glad I was able to help. You are ranking and getting clicks. Congratulations, it sounds like you are on the right track!

      To get more clicks, you can help your post or page move up in rank by improving on the content and possibly embedding a video, putting more pictures, and writing another post with a good keyword then linking back to that post you are trying to boost. 

      These are a few of the things you can do. Always share, fetch as Google, and resubmit your sitemap after updating a post.

      As your website gains trust with Google, it is easier to rank for your keywords also. Let me know how it goes.

  4. Hello Cynthia,

    This is indeed so kind of you. I have always been looking for a way to check my website ranking in Google. I never thought about Incognito mode.

    So thanks a lot for opening my eyes to that. Also you provided a lot of valuable information in this post I will make good use of them, especially with the google webmaster tool.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    But my question is, apart from the incognito mode, is there any other way or method or a tool you think I can use to check my ranking?

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Thanks so  much for your comment. I am happy that I have helped you. Google Webmaster tool is so helpful in so many ways.

      To answer your question, there are tools out there that you can use to check your site ranking and some are free. However, they may not be totally accurate. 

      I can recommend a tool that I use that is very accurate and will keep track of your rankings on all your posts. That tool is . Jaaxy is also a Keyword tool with so many cool features. You can find out more about Jaaxy here.

  5. Hello Cynthia, wow, you really got this subject down pat. I am going to book mark it so i can study it some more. Many thanks. And really great job. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Hi Ariel,
      Thanks so much for your kind comments. Once you get the hang of checking your ranking in Google, it’s not so hard. I like to check it from time to time. Let me know if you have any questions. Peace and gratitude to you too always.

  6. Really nice explanation and walk-through! When one first uses these tools, it’s quite mind boggling. Quite a learning curve in fact.
    A post like this is a great help!

    1. Hi Dianne,
      Thanks so much for your kind comment. I agree, the first time I approached Google analytics and webmaster tools, I was, to say the least, a little confused. Now it is really almost second nature to use them. I hope I have help you check your rank in Google.

  7. Very useful information. I had to bring up another screen and actually follow through your instructions to find keywords in Google Analytics and yes, I see the list you are talking about. This is great because it shows me what words to drop in social media as well. I didnt think of using Analytics to generate keywords so this was a really useful tip. Overall Im not a big Google fan but I love their analytic console. I also just discovered that my website has been popping up into the top 10 ranking for some URLs. That’s a pretty nice surprise.

    1. Hi Dr. Doug,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I also love the Google Analytics console and have had good luck with finding keywords to write about. I like your suggestion for using the keywords in social media as well.
      Congratulations on getting top ranking for some URLS, that means more traffic for your site! Keeping abreast of how your URLS are ranking is so important.

    1. Hi Oneil,
      Thanks for your comment. It sounds technical, but once you try it a couple of times, it is really easy. I am not technical at all and if I can do it anyone can! Let me know if I can help you or if you have any questions.

  8. Something I’ve wondered about but never got an answer to, is whether having your websites tracked by Google Analytics means that if Google thinks you’ve done something wrong and flags your site (say for being infected with malware or breaking the Adsense terms of service) that they also flag all other sites in your Analytics account. It may not mean there’s any direct action on their part but maybe Google is “keeping an eye on you” and is more likely to act negatively towards your sites if they have any question about them. Do you have any thoughts on that?

    1. Hi Gary,
      Thanks for your comment. I think that having your websites tracked by Google Analytics is very important. If Google were to flag your site, you can go in and fix whatever is wrong. If you have adsense on your site, then Google knows about your site anyway, whether you have an Analytics account or not. If you have malware, you need to know! You should not have that problem if you are a member at Wealthy Affiliate as we get free SSL, sitespeed, and siteprotect spam protection.
      In any vein, you do not want to be punished by Google in any way. I advise to play by their rules and you will be rewarded. After all, they are the top search engine as of now!

  9. There is some good information here.

    I think it is important to keep check of your position in the search engines. Yes, it is nice to see that you are high up there, but it is also important to check on your competitors too.

    Personally I use two platforms. Serplab is one, and the other being Jaaxy.

    I was also thinking to have a look into SEMRush.. do you have any advice on this one?



    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks so much for your comment. You are right, it is important to check your positioning in the search engines, especially Google. Also, you want to know about your competitors also.
      I have not used Serplab but I do use Jaaxy. In fact I have a Jaaxy Pro account. I have not used SEMRush, but I know some here at Wealthy Affiliate do use it. I would definitely look into Jaaxy if I were you, I don’t think there is a better one.

  10. Hello Cynthia,
    Thanks for sharing this article. Your information was really helpful and I didn’t know that just searching for search console is not enough. I think the incognito way is better, more accurate. I have a question for you, why the stats on search console, incognito, google analytics are not always the same Shouldn’t be?
    Thanks for helping with your information. Great article and I will surelly beback on your site for more info. i think I will have a lot to learn.
    Have a good day

    1. Hi Cristina,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I am pleased that my post helped you. Yes the incognito tab is accurate.
      Your question is a really good one. Google Analytics and Google search console are not the same usually. The simple explanation to this is that they each use different metrics. For instance, Google Analytics will give you visitor reports, visitor traffic reports, reports on keywords and content. On the other hand, Google Webmaster tool (search console) shows you how Google looks at your site. For instance, Crawl errors, search queries, links, blocked URL’s, lets you know if you have malware, or html errors. You can also “fetch as google” in webmaster or search console.
      I hope I have answered your question. Please let me know if you have any other questions and do check back often.

  11. Wow,
    I am impressed with your post on checking your website ranking, I learned so much I did not know about checking website rankings. I never knew you could go incognito before, I never knew you would get an inaccurate ranking if you checked your website while signed in with your username.

    Very useful information

    1. Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for your comment. I am so glad if I helped you. I love the incognito tab and use it often. It is a great way to search for your posts.

  12. Thanks for posting this I am new to the google search console so still in the learning phase. This is great information, I did not know how to check in search console for page ranking and found that your instructions were very complete and easy to follow. This is going to make it so much better as I will know where I am ranking and I love the idea of being able to gain new keywords.

    1. Hi Dena,
      Thanks so much for your comment! I am so glad you found the information on checking your ranking in Google Search Console helpful! This was my aim when I wrote this post. Let me know if it works for you or if you have any questions.

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