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Motor Club of America Complaints – Legit MLM company?

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Motor Club of America Review

Name: MCA or Motor Club of America

Money in a pyramid shape

Owner: TVC Marketing founded by Virgil Coffee ( and

Websites:, https://, and

Product: Motor Club offering 24/7 roadside assistance plus travel and other discounts.

Cost for just Product: Security plan – $9.95/month, $14.95/month and $19.95/month

Cost for becoming an MLM Sales Associate – $39.90 then $19.95/month.

Overall Rank 50/100

It really took some digging to figure the main websites out because there are so many cookie cutter websites out there that are trying to recruit members into the multi-level marketing plan. What is confusing is that they say it is free to join to become an associate. However, in order to earn $80 per referral, you have to pay $39.90 (The first and last months payment).

This seems like a lot of smoke and mirrors which is a red flag to me.

What is Motor Club of America About?

Here is what is on –  The story is told how William W. Green founded Motor Club of America in 1926 in New Jersey. He became the Chief Executive Officer and its former subsidiary Motor Club of America Insurance Company. Mr. Green and his family had the company and it continued to grow within the United States until 1986. At this point, the story jumps to Virgil Coffee the founder of TVC Marketing.

Here is what I found out – You can find the obituary of William W. Green and it states that Mr. Green and his family sold their controlling interest in the Motor Club of America in 1986. Originally it was an Auto insurer and Auto service agency just called Auto Club of New Jersey.  In 1958 the name was changed to Motor Club of America. In 1960 they even branched out andOK Sec of State - TVC started in 1989 built the New Jersey Rehabilitation Hospital in East Orange, New Jersey.

The Greens sold their controlling interest of MCA in 1986. I looked on the Oklahoma Secretary of State Website and found that TVC Marketing (owned by Virgil Coffee) has been in existence since 1989. Virgil Coffee is the owner and previously was the mastermind behind a prepaid legal company now called Legal Shield.

The company sold prepaid legal services to Truckers (Truckers Voice in Court). This product is TVC Pro Driver (

In 2011, this is when TVC marketing relaunched MCA as a Multi-Level Marketing plan to sell to regular motorists products such as roadside assistance, travel and health discounts and accident insurance and more.

This is when they added the Sub-contractors with a multi-level marketing payment plan.

Motor Club of America Complaints

Motor Club of America is marketed in very shady ways. MCA has all the flags of a scam and some of the flags of a pyramid scheme. TVC Marketing company is set up as a Multi-Level Marketing Company with Independent Contractors not really selling memberships to the service (the actual product), but recruiting others to join their “Team”. They flash cash at the camera and show fancy lifestyles. They recruit others into the program by telling them how much money that they can make.

All you have to do is a search on Youtube and you will see how the marketing tactics are. If you read about how scam artists advertise scam products, the tactics are the same.

In this video, the company spoke about is National Motor Club of America, a totally different company, but the Sales associate says it is MCA. This is only one example of some of the marketing tactics that are used.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This is an example of why MCA has so many complaints and accusations that they are a scam! They have created the atmosphere that they are lying. The actual services MCA provides may be ok but the people who are subcontractors selling this are enticing recruits to come on board for the money.

As subcontractors, they apparently are free to market by telling lies and showing lavish lifestyles and flashing cash at the camera. I think that if the company itself is teaching this method, it is at the very least unethical and really bad business practices.

There are a lot of complaints from people who got their card charged twice, complaints that they felt like that they were scammed. There are many complaints about MCA on Ripoff Report.

If you check the BBB they have an A+ rating, however. There are 24 reviews on the BBB regarding mostly the service and they were positive on the service and opportunity. There were 3 negative reviews about poor roadside service and customer service. However, the BBB does not have the good name it used to have. Check out this report from CNN Money.
You can check out this discussion on TOPIX. This is why people complain about MCA.  I found other forums with the same type of conversations going on. Most think it most definitely is a scam. I saw a lot of complaints of people spamming Facebook.

Is Motor Club of America a Pyramid Scheme?Red Flag of a pyramid scheme

Red Flags of a Pyramid Scheme

These are the 5 Red Flags of a product based Pyramid Scheme (by Jon M. Taylor P.H.D. President Consumer Awareness Institute).

  1. Each person recruited is empowered and given incentives to recruit others to do the same without regard to market saturation.
  2. Advancement in a hierarchy of multiple levels of “distributors or recruits” is achieved by recruitment rather than by appointment.
  3. Participants are the primary buyers.
  4. The MLM pays commissions and bonuses on more than 5 levels.
  5. Company payout of commission and bonuses per sale for the total of all upline participants equals or exceeds that of the person selling the actual product. This results in inadequate incentive to retail and excessive incentive to recruit.

Other Red Flags that may indicate an MLM opportunity is really a Pyramid flag of pyramid scheme

  • You hear little about the product but a lot about how much money you can make if you join.
  • You must pay to be able to earn commissions. You have to pay $40 to become an associate.
  • The compensation plan is very complicated. Have you listened to the compensation plan of MCA explained to you? It is very complicated and super involved.

If you are thinking about joining MCA, you may want to consider these red flags of Pyramid Schemes. MCA is definitely a Mult- Level Marketing Company if nothing else. Did you know that 99% of people who join MLM Companies do not make any money and most end up losing money?

There are a lot of problems with MLM Companies and I stay away from them completely. In my opinion, MCA is the type of MLM to be wary of. The products themselves may be okay but the buyers of the product seem to be mainly the sales associates themselves it could signal a company to stay away from.

The compensation matrix of MCA

What about the compensation plan of MCA? They advertise that it is free to join as a sales associate. Howe

Motor Club of America Matrix payment system

ver, I seriously doubt that that is really the case. On the website under careers, it states that to begin your career you are to pay $39.90 and then $19.95 per month. It does not say that it is free to join anywhere on this website.

I checked on and read the terms and conditions to join as a sales associate. It clearly states that you can get a refund if certain conditions are met. This indicates payment to become a sales associate. It also says that every sales associate

must have a sponsor.

On it does state that it is free to join. However, in the terms and conditions, again, every sales associate must have a sponsor. I did find this statement:

“17. No product purchase by the Associate is required. Data/processing fees will be deducted from earned commissions and bonuses. Associates may sell memberships and earn commissions on sales.

Under Compensation it says:

“TVC Marketing Associates are compensated for each membership and product they sell. T

Motor Club of America Complaints
If someone cancels then you get a chargeback.

here is no direct compensation for recruiting an Associate, only for sales that Associate makes.

There seems to be a gray area here. Because this is what I found on

“Once we have processed your membership, you will receive your very own MCA website, application forms, brochures, training, and a back office. You will receive your membership ID card through the U.S. Mail within 2 weeks, although you will receive your membership ID number immediately after your payment has been processed.

Membership: Only $39.90 to get started and $19.95 per month – 24/7 Motor Club Protection”

This is where I feel there are smoke and mirrors. They say it is free but then they say you must purchase a membership!

There are also chargebacks. The way that works is if someone cancels their membership within a certain amount of time you get a chargeback from your future commissions.  As an independent contractor, you purchase everything you need to run your company from them.

Pros and Cons of MCA

MCA Motor club of America Logo


  • Easy for Newbies to start their own business


  • Unscrupulous Marketing Tactics
  • A lot of competition
  • Overpriced product and not a recognizable reputable company for roadside service.
  • Must pay for all Marketing Materials yourself
  • Most members are also sales associates
  • Chargebacks

Final Thoughts on Motor Club of America

This product has a lot of things wrong with it. It is Multi-Level Marketing and has Red Flags of a Pyramid Scheme. There are a lot of Smoke and Mirrors the way I see it.

MCA should be approached cautiously if at all. I cannot recommend this product. The company does have a product but it is uncertain whether it is a good product or not. There seem to be complaints about good and bad on the actual roadside services but there were few of them.

I have read Truckers Forums and there also, the ProDriver product has a lot of complaints and also some positives.

I believe that the service itself may be ok but it is overpriced. Be Wary. If you want to make money online, this may not be your best bet. Motor Club of America Complaints are many.

To make money online takes work and knowledge. It is never a get rich quick scheme, but a steady rise upward to long-term lasting income.

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Motor Club of America


Legitimate MLM Company


Reputable Company


Marketing Tactics




Possible Product Based Pyramid Scheme



  • Easy to get Started in own Business


  • Marketing Tactics are questionable
  • Most members are also Sales Associates
  • Could be Product Based Pyramid Scheme
  • Chargebacks when someone cancels membership

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  1. Those are good points I never thought about or realized when it comes to things like rip off reports and scams that make this company what it is. There are so many great ways of making money, why would anyone want to subject themselves to this type of income model with all of the evident red flags reported.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I agree. TVC Marketing and Motor Club of America certainly is not the type of company that I can recommend. 

      There are just so many red flags. However, it is usually newbies who see dollar signs and nothing else who are caught up by these types of MLM programs. 

  2. Well the entry fee As well as a monthly on the MLM is not bad that is just fine however he the product of the motor club America is not good because it’s sort of a scan even though there is a real product it’s not really adding a whole lot of value to people’s lives that they may otherwise obtain from other companies and less expensive for mass

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes I think Motor Club of American could be a scam. The monthly fee is supposed to cover services like road assistance, health discounts and the like. However, they are not a major player and a reputable company as far as I could tell.

      There is a good chance that this is a product based Pyramid also!

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