1. I joined WA just after this great Black Friday offer was up last year it appears. I am so sad I missed out on a great opportunity. I am so happy with the platform and I am beginning to find some success. Does this deal come around each year? I would love to grab it up this coming year and save some money. I have no intention of going anywhere so I would be glad to get this chance again. Thank you for the heads up and reviews. Helped show that I made a good investment even if it was not at this great deal.

    1. Hi Christina,
      Congratulations on joining Wealthy Affiliate. I am happy to hear that you are having success! That is so awesome. You will be happy to hear that Wealthy Affiliate has a Black Friday special every year. Once you take the Black Friday deal, then that is the price you pay after that. You will get the chance to get the deal this year.

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