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What Is CB Passive Income About – Easy Passive Income?

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Name: CB Passive Income

Website: cbpassiveincome.comWhat is CB Passive Income About

Price: $47 per month or a one-time payment of $97

Owner: Patric Chan

Overall Rank: 30/100

CB Passive Income is Patric Chan’s Clickbank program. He essentially gives you a license to clone his program. All you have to do is share it with others. Email addresses are collected. Patric Chan then sends emails to your email list and you make a percentage of the sales.


What is CB Passive Income About? It’s about selling Patric Chan’s Clickbank product! Also, upsells from Clickbank that Patric Chan sends to your email list. It is software and a system that uses your Clickbank id. Here are the steps once you join:Patric Chan of CB Passive Income

  1. Fill in your details into the CB Income System -Your list building page generates within seconds
  2. Send traffic to your list building page – Patric Chan sends upsells from Clickbank to your email list
  3. Collect your commission.

Who is CB Passive Income For?

CB Passive income is for Newbies who want to learn a little about affiliate marketing and need everything done for them. Everything that is, except getting traffic. However, getting traffic is very important.

The Products in the system:

  1. Access to Software that clones the system for you.
  2. Back Office software that tracks your commissions and leads.What is CB Passive Income About - easy passive income?
  3. Internet Marketing Courses – Facebook and Youtube marketing plus other ways to promote the system.

I can see where this may be something that a complete newbie could get into to make money. However, you are promoting Patric Chan’s Clickbank product. He also promotes other Clickbank Products a little. I get his emails every day and they are mostly promoting his CB passive Income product.

He made the product, so you are making him a lot of money. However, on the other hand, it may be one way to get into affiliate marketing for beginners. He does teach you to get traffic. The training does have benefit, however, I really don’t think this way is the best way for a Newbie to begin to learn Internet Marketing.

CB Passive Income Tools and Training


CB Passive Income gives you a “made for you” webpage to sign up your customers. It is a cloned website that is generated for you once you put in your information like your Clickbank id.

You also are given a “back office” where you can see all your commissions and What is CB Passive Income About - easy passive income?customers who have signed up. You can also see how many visits your website has received. In the latest update to CB Passive Income, (CBPassiveIncome 4.0) you will now get multiple “secret cloned webpages” to promote.

Your website is loaded with products that you give away. The free products are integrated into your website and are updated and changed as needed. You do not have to worry about this process, it is all done for you.

There is a lot that is “done for you”. For instance, Patric Chan says he will provide all your content for this cloned website for you. He researches products and your site gets automatically updated with products. He also promises to “craft” all the marketing campaigns for you and promote them to the email list that you will be collecting on this cloned website.

This software will also automatically insert your affiliate link (new with CB Passive Income 4.0). All the work is “done for you”. Your only job is to get people to subscribe to your email list when they get to your website. You get the traffic, and Patric Chan does the rest.


The training you receive when you join The CB Passive Income program consists of videos and ebooks that cover how to get traffic to your site. This includes mostly paidWhat is CB Passive Income About - easy passive income? advertising, video marketing, and Facebook advertising plus other ways. The CB Passive Income 4.0 now also includes free methods to get traffic.

The training is step by step which is great for a Newbie. You don’t need an autoresponder, domain name, or hosting. The software has a back office where you have access to your statistics on your traffic and customers and commission. The products that are sold to your email list all come from Clickbank.

CB Passive Income SupportWhat is CB Passive Income About - easy passive income? The support

The CB Passive Income Support consists of a physical office and a team of support staff. There is no community of members and no way to contact Patric himself. I did see where there is a website for support. It looks like everything is automated. You must send an email.

CB Passive Income Price

The CB Passive Income license program was originally launched back in 2013. In 2014 the version 2.0 came out. Then 3.0 and now 4.0. The CB Passive Income licensing program has evolved to include mobile and facebook easy optin.

The cost of the CB Passive Income is $47 per month or a one-time payment of $97. There is a 60-day money back guarantee.What is CB Passive Income About - easy passive income?

The difference between the $47/month and the one-time payment of $97 – The one-time payment gets you access to the system. You get the licensing program as explained plus access for 6 months to “insider tools and training”. The $47/month is another membership, i.e. “Insider Tools and Training” Membership. This training could include software to help with getting traffic, or it could be more training. You will be surprised every month with a new “product”.

At the 7th month mark, you either agree to pay the $47 per month or continue with the system, but you do not have access to the emails that you collect. They are the property of Patric Chan. You must upgrade to be able to download the emails for your own use.What Is CB Passive Income About - money back guarantee

There are upsells also. For instance, the Fast Cash Series is one upsell that also costs 47/month or $197 for the lifetime membership. In this membership, there is training on all different ways to make some cash on the net.

  • Domain buying and selling
  • Kindle publishing
  • Selling T-shirts online
  • making money on warrior forum
  • Making money on eBay
  • Offline consultant business
  • Facebook marketing consultant business

There is a free trial for this “Fast Cash Series” for 14 days. If you like it then you continue and pay the $47 per month or the one-time fee.

Pros and Cons of CB Passive Income

ProsWhat Is CB Passive Income About - the pros

  • Step by step training on how to use the system and software
  • Easy to understand ebooks and videos
  • Everything is done for you, you just drive traffic to your cloned webpage


  • Cloned web pages are all the sameWhat is CB Passive Income About - the cons
  • Not a great business model for long-term income
  • You drive the traffic to your “cloned” webpage
  • You have no control over the email optin’s unless you take the upsell
  • Having everything done for you may not be the best thing
  • Traffic methods that are taught could end up costing a lot of money

Final Thoughts on CB Passive Income

CB Passive income is a product of Patric Chan. This product consists of software and a system where you are given a unique link to a cloned sign up page for CB Passive Income. You are trained on how to drive traffic to this page and collect emails.

Patric Chan then markets Clickbank products to your list. You do not have control over this list unless you take the upsell. The traffic methods taught consist a lot of paid ads which could end up costing you a lot of money.

I don’t think this system is really great for anyone new to this business. It is not good to have everything done for you, it is better to learn to do these things.

Everyone is trying to drive traffic to the same webpage. There is a huge amount of competition. That can be hard to overcome when you are new to internet marketing.

This video is someone who was trying to promote the system. His promotional link to the program is no longer there.

Patric Chan promotes to newbies as a way to make their first income online. However, you will still need to learn how to do things yourself.

I think it is also better, to begin learning free traffic methods in the beginning. This you learn first, then go to paid ads.

There is a big risk of losing money when you are new and I think Patric Chan is preying on Newbies because they think it is great that he is doing everything for them. This is actually a red flag of a scam.

I also saw that Patric shows you how rich he is by showing you his lavish lifestyle and showing you how much money he makes. Yes, this is a red flag also.

This system is automated with software. There is no community and you don’t have direct contact with the owner if you need it. I could not find much about the support except that they have an office and a support team.

CB Passive Income At A Glance

Website: cbpassiveincome.com

Owner: Patric Chan

Price: $47 per month or one time $97

Overall Rank: 30/100

What is CB Passive Income about? Is it easy passive income? I don’t think so. Traffic is the main thing that you need to begin to bring in an income online.

I think Patric Chan is just lining his own pockets by preying off new people who don’t know any better and don’t want to take the time to really learn what it really takes to build a business online.What Is CB Passive Income About - not recommended

There is a learning curve to having an online business and even in CB passive Income you are taught to have your own website, domain and hosting is the only way to really stay and make real money in Internet Marketing.

For $47 per month, you can join a real Affiliate Marketing University where you learn all you need step by step and you can start for free. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate University. You can read more about it in my review here.

Try it out for 7 days, no payment method needed. Just click the link below. You can even stay a free member if you don’t find value. Sign up for your free account today. Click the Red Get Started Button below.

Would an extra paycheck each month help you? Take action today and learn to earn.

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CB Passive Income

$47/Month or $97 One Time












  • Step by step training on how to use the system and software
  • Easy to understand ebooks and videos
  • Everything is done for you, you just drive traffic to your cloned webpage


  • Cloned web pages are all the same
  • Not a great business model for long-term income
  • You have no control over the email optin's unless you take the upsell
  • Traffic methods that are taught could end up costing a lot of money

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  1. Well, this is another one to throw into the trash, you go through all that limited training only to benefit him, no thanks I’ll stick with your other recommendation.
    Thanks for the heads up on this one

    1. Hi Kim,
      Thanks for your comment. I agree I would not try this one at all. I do believe it is mostly benefiting Patric Chan and not many others.

  2. thanks for taking an in-depth look at this program and then telling us about it. Sometimes some of us newbies are eager to start earn money online and then get drawn in to these type of programs that is not beneficial to us in the long run

    1. Hi Oneil,
      Thanks for the comment. Yes, I think Patric Chan has tapped into something that benefits him. He sees that newbies are eager to earn some money online and they don’t know what to do or where to start so when they see that everything is done for them, they bite.
      Then they find out it still is not so easy. Traffic is the hardest part. First get organic free traffic then learn paid ads. That I think is the better way to begin to learn internet marketing.

  3. I have looked at many option when it comes to making online as I am sure millions of others have done.

    I have seen some good ones and I have seen some bad ones.

    This looks like a nice idea, but I am not sure it could be followed with ease. Like you say, traffic is important and it is not so easy to get as a newbie.

    I think if you are using paid ads like it says here, this could amount to a nice sum of money before you start to make anything. I think it would be better to get some good training on SEO and try to attract organic visitors rather than paying for them

    I like your review, and although I can see its attraction, I am not sure it is a road I would pursue personally.



    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I also think that a newbie would have to do paid ads right off the bat to acquire some traffic. I don’t agree with that type of training when organic traffic is the best and a newbie really needs to learn how to get organic free traffic first.

      Patric Chan is a very slick internet marketer. It’s all good for him, isn’t it? However, for the Newbie who thinks this is an easy route to take, not so much. Most I’m afraid will lose money.

  4. Hi Cynthia, thanks for this review. I don’t think it would help many people out, sounds more like a pyramid scheme to me.

    Take care!

    1. Hi Todd,
      Thanks for your comment. You could be onto something there. Patric Chan is definitely at the top of this possible Pyramid, that is for sure. It has some red flags of MLM also. he shows his lavish lifestyle and brags about how much money he makes. This smells a little. Most people lose money in this type of setup.

  5. Sounds like Chan is the only profiting with this system. That’s the problem I have with a lot of these CB products. It’s not really to the advantage of the newbie affiliate, more the vendor.

    1. Hi Ellie,
      Thanks for your comment. It does look like Patric Chan is the top producer and using newbies to bring him traffic to his products and also other CB products. It is profiting Patric most of all. Most of the newbies will fall off as the teaching of paid ads will sink them most likely.

  6. The first thing that occurs to me is that getting traffic from good SEO which is mostly free would be taken right out of your hands because the website is done for you. All that is left is to spend hours on social media promoting Patrick Chan or paying for ads. I consider that getting traffic is the hard part, so the newbie is left doing the biggest chunk of the work and paying Chan a monthly to do so. That doesn’t seem like a good deal to me. Thanks for your review. At least I know what this is about now when I see it.

    1. Hi Dr. Doug,
      Thanks for your comment. You have hit the nail on the head with this one I believe. Yes, learning how to get free traffic is just taken away from these newbies. Learning how to get free traffic is very important.

  7. Cynthia,
    Looks like a MLM scheme to me. Pay for ads to get sales that you have to share the income from. As long as you make sales, Chan will make money. How long before you run out of money to buy sales.
    The real way to make money online is to have a website that gets free traffic from great SEO. If you do it this way, you do not have to share with others.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for your comment. CB Income is making Patric Chan a lot of money and it does smell like an MLM. The part where you are taught how to do ads right off the bat is backward to me.

  8. Wow, I really appreciate this honest review. It definitely looked too good to be true so I wanted to look into it further. I am so glad I found your site and this information. I hope others do too before they get turned off of affiliate marketing by a program like this. I am going to look at your recommended review.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Christina,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I agree CB Passive income is really a big come on for beginners. I actually think some internet gurus prey on beginners. Building a business online takes work and learning the steps. I hope beginners realize that Wealthy Affiliate University is the best place to learn how to build their business online.

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