What Is OMG Machines By Greg Morrison – OMG Machines Review2019

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Name: Omg Machines (One Man Gang) (also Online Money-Getting)

Website: Omgmachines.com

Price: $7999 May do a 12 month payment plan $699/month

(For 2019 the webinar price offered $412 per month for 16 months)

Owners: Greg Morrison, Mike Long and David Mills

Overall Ranking – 50/100



What Is OMG Machines By Greg Morrison?

Omg Machines is a membership program that claims to have cornered the market on knowing how to make it big on the internet by using organic SEO skills. Greg Morrison is the gifted SEO expert.

OMG Machines uses alot of “Get Rich Quick” hype. Trying to find out what the program includes is pretty hard which raises a lot of red flags. Once you wade through all the bull, you find that there is a series of step by step lessons in SEO and how to get your website ranked number 1 on Google.

For 2019 OMG Machines has a webinar that is designed to hook you into this overpriced program. The highlight of the webinar is to reveal of the website that is generating 5 figures a month in website traffic and that can be replicated.



What is OMG Machines About?

OMG Machines claims to train you completely from scratch to be Digital Marketing Agents. There are several paths you can take.  They call it the “Replicability Roadmap” It claims to teach you to become:

  1.  SEO agent in the Search Engine Optimization Industry
  2. Affiliate Marketer
  3. E commerce seller

You pick one of these paths and they claim to give you the training to replicate the website to make it to number one on Google. Thereby making a lot of money.

They also claim to provide ongoing research, training and tools to keep you plugged in and on top. They claim to have a community of agents who help and encourage one another.

They claim to have about 1000 active members in the coaching program and 1000 who are making money using the Digital Marketing skills and monetization methods they teach. They show what they do step by step.

Who is OMG Machines for?

OMG machines is really for those who know the basics of digital marketing. For instance, if you are not familiar with how to use WordPress of if you don’t know a thing about keyword research or SEO I would not advise getting into this program.

OMG machines states it is for anyone “whether you are new and looking for your first reliable results, or have an existing business that you want to scale for long term stability and wealth.

They also so show you a ton of testimonials of those who have made a lot of money. In fact, this is all the webinar is about! So many testimonials and proof of earnings.

They say they have SECRET KNOWLEDGE of how to truly succeed at adding target organic search traffic to websites. Wow, that’s another red flag!


OMG Machines Training and Tools

The focus is on SEO and getting organic traffic in a simple way. The training revolves around mentorship. They have several “agent” coaches. The training is weekly webinars, a members area with a lot of videos. Everything is in se

ctions. There are coaches that you can contact and ask questions.

The training revolves around organic traffic from Google. There are also live events. Other tools include:

  • Workshop with David Mills (dissolving fear, creativity etc.)
  • Amazon with Liz Herrera
  • Youtube 101
  • Live events and special webinars

OMG Machines Support

OMG does have office hours where you can get support. There is also the Facebook group where others in the program can help you also. The webinars provide an avenue to have your questions answered.

Even though they advertise “agent coaching” it is really just “get your question answered on the webinar”. There is no real one on one coaching going on. There is however, “office Ho.

Here is a video that tells it like it is regarding Omg Machines by Greg Morrison and Mike Long.

My No. 1 Recommendation instead of omgmachines


You can learn SEO easily here plus get your domain, do your keyword research, set up your WordPress site complete with all the bells and whistles and that includes hosting.  You also get all the help from seasoned veterans in digital marketing, the training plus live webinars every week and so much more. Read my review – Click Here.

You won’t pay $8000 for this program either. You can try it out for 7 days free. Then if you want to go Premium, the price is very manageable and there are several options. Click the button below for a tour.


Take A Tour of Wealthy Affiliate


Is OMG Machines A Scam?

I would not go so far as to say that they are a complete scam, however, due to the fact that they do use scammy tactics and hype with so much smoke and mirrors, I do believe that most people will not make the money that they profess that you can make. This is not good, so in that way, I do not think this program is fully legit because it is way overpriced.

Another way that it is scammy, is that there is no refund policy. In fact, they do not even give you any time in case you do change your mind. There is not refund, ever for any reason!

In fact, I came across this email and was stunned when I read it.


Pros and Cons of OMG Machine


  • Offers some good SEO Training
  • You can get excited with all the hype and maybe take action
  • Courses are step by step


  • Very expensive and out of reach for most
  • Overpriced for the quality training you receive
  • Too much “get rich quick hype”
  • Many red flags that say “SCAM”
  • NO Refunds!

My Final Thoughts on OMG Machines by Greg Morrison

I do not recommend OMG Machines. The main reason is that the program is so overpriced. I have reservations about how they are doing business also. How many times do you come across something this expensive with no refund policy? I believe every program should have a refund policy. If you read the email above where someone asks for a refund, the answer was so arrogant and really cruel sounding. This is not a good business practice.Adsense Turbo Not Recommended


What is OMG Machines by Greg Morrison? It’s a group of people set up to take your money. Only very few will succeed. The marketing tactics are a lot of hype all designed to take your money. Don’t waste your money. There are more legit options out there, including my No. 1 Recommended Program. You can take a tour free just click the link below.

Searching for a way to build a website and business online? The training at Wealthy Affiliate will show you the right way that you can make money. You get all the training needed included plus so much more.  Take a tour and a test drive. No payment information needed. Just click the link below to get started today.

What is omgmachines by Greg Morrison - Get started with Wealthy Affilaite instead

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  • Over The Shoulder Videos
  • May Help Keep You Motivated with All The Hype


  • Very Expensive
  • No Refunds Under Any Circumstance

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