What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Platform – Video Tour

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You may have come across Wealthy Affiliate and wondered what it’s all about. Well, I have a great video tour for you that takes you behind the scenes and shows you exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and gives you an overview of everything you can expect when you join Wealthy Affiliate. You may be wondering What is the Wealthy Affiliate Platform video tour?

You can easily see by the following video that Wealthy Affiliate has a lot to offer. Take a look.

wealthy affiliate video walkthrough

There is certainly a lot going on at Wealthy Affiliate! I hope you watched the video. If you did you may want to go ahead and create your FREE account where you will get 2 websites to create whatever kind of site that you want to. Go ahead, just click the button below and find out more about wealthy Affiliate by creating your first website in under 3 minutes!

Create your own website today - What is the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

A Quick Look At The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

When you first log into the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, you are at your activity dashboard. This is where you find everything that is within Wealthy Affiliate platform and from here you can navigate to different areas. At the top you will see Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and there will be a button that says “Get Started Here”.  Clicking that get started button will take you to the training. Scrolling down the page you will find all the activity that is taking place inside of Wealthy Affiliate. As you can see there is a lot going on. What is the Wealthy Affiliate Platform - Video Tour

As you are working within the platform, you may see notifications pop up to help you. At the top you will see a header that explains how to get started and begin to create your profile. Over on the right side you will see a button to upgrade to premium if you ever want to do that. There is a difference between the free account and the premium account that you should be aware of. However, you will have access to all the premium features for 7 days.

The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is unique. There is none like it in the entire world.  It is the most advanced and comprehensive and well supported platform in the world for creating and growing a business. As you navigate around this platform you will begin to appreciate just how unique and complete the Wealthy Affiliate Platform is.

Along the left side of the platform screen you will find the main menu and the navigation links are: Dashboard, Training, Websites, Live Events, Research, Live Chat, and Help Center. You will also find your profile link. This is where you can edit your profile, blog, see your credits, get a system tour, see whats included in Premium and see and edit your account settings.Along the top of the screen there is other links that will bring you into certain other platforms within Wealthy Affiliate.

Getting Started With Wealthy Affiliate

Click the Get Started button at the top under the Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate message. This takes you into the training. You can also access the training from the left menu also. Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is the core training within Wealthy Affiliate however, there is also the Bootcamp Training. The Entrepreneur Certification Course is where you begin the training though.What is the Wealthy Affiliate Platform - Video Tour

When you click to begin the Entrepreneur Certification Course training if you look to the right you will see the courses and  as you move through the training, the system keeps track of where you left off. You can see your progress as you move along through the courses within that main Entrepreneur Certification Course. At the bottom of each course level, there are tasks to preform. You check these off as you complete them. On the right side you will see your progress at a glance. The best part about this system is that you will be building your business as you complete the tasks!

Below each course level, you can ask questions. You will be implementing as you go, it is an Earn While You Learn system. As you move through the training and click off all the tasks, just click next lesson and you will begin the next course.

Websites Within Wealthy Affiliate

When you have a website on the Wealthy Affiliate Site Rubix Platform you are building a business website on an Industry Leading Website Platform.  A reliable website platform is instrumental for a quality business online.

Click on Websites on the left. This will open a menu that has all of the platforms pertaining to your website or websites. The site manager is where you go to manage your websites. You can log into your website when you click this button. The Site Builder is when you want to create a website. You can literally create a website in 30 seconds!What is the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

If you click on “Domains” you can buy your own domains. There are no upsells here. You can buy your own domain and it comes complete with everything you need for your domain.

The “Site Content” button is a writing platform. This platform comes complete with spelling checker, grammar helper, SEO help, media with over one million pictures you can use. It makes your writing very efficient.

The “Site Comments” section along with the “Site Feedback” and “Site Support” sections are all premium features within Wealthy Affiliate and you will have access to these premium features for 7 days.

Site comments is where you get engagement for your website which is important for rankings on the search engines. Site Feedback is community based feedback on your website. It can help you improve your website quickly by getting feedback.  Site Support is 24/7 365 days a year! This is an important feature to have. They help you with any server or technical issues you may have with your website. This is very powerful to have.

There are features everywhere as you dig into any of these platforms mentioned above. As you build your websites you will have features that protect your website. You site will be reliable, secure and powerful. Your sites will be hosted on the most powerful servers available in the world.

As a starter member you have 2 free websites and as a premium member you have more websites and the ability to host your own domains and build up to 50 websites.

Wealthy Affiliate Live Events

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

The Wealthy Affiliate Live Events take place at least once per week. If you click on the button that says “Live Events” it opens up a menu where you can see all the past live classes. All the live events are recorded so you can either attend or watch at your leisure. The benefit to attending live of course is to be able to interact in real time with the other members and ask questions.

However, the past live events gives you access to learn about every topic regarding building a business online. For instance, Local Marketing, SEO, Hot seats, re purposing your content, niches, and much more.  These are all value based and never promoting anything other than learning to build your business online. There are over 400 hours of these past live events that you can learn from. It is really a treasure trove of information. Of course you can always private message our Teacher Jay also!

Wealthy Affiliate Research Platform

Research is key when building a business online. Click on the Research button and you will find “Jaaxy” Wealthy Affiliate’s Keyword research Platform. There is so much to Jaaxy other than just keyword research.  Jaaxy is a state of the art platform. What is the Wealthy Affiliate PlatformYou can preform Keyword research, find site rank (Google, Bing and Yahoo), create, save and manage all of your keyword lists, Search Analysis (analyze competition discover SEO Trends), Alphabet soup (uncover millions of niches and keywords), Brainstorm ideas (whats trending online), Affiliate programs (search and find affiliate programs), and niche keyword lists (provided regularly with low competition keyword lists).

You will have full access to competition data, traffic data, and domain data. The seven other platforms mentioned above are premium members access that you will have also for the first 7 days.

Wealthy Affiliate Help and Support

You will have access to experts, coaches, and also the owners Kyle and Carson.  One way to get help is through the Live Chat Platform. When you are at the dashboard, look on the right hand side. It is here you can jump into a live chat. Say hello, ask questions. It is in real time and is instant. This chat is streaming day and night! At any given time there is thousands of people on the chat dashboard. If you need a hand and need it very quickly, this is where to head.

For other types of support you can access the help center. This will be a button on the left hand side. Site Support is for technical help relating to your website and is a premium only feature but you will have access to this for the first 7 days as a What is the Wealthy Affiliate Platformstarter free member. There is a “Ask a Question Feature” If you click on this a box will pop up and you can ask a question. This goes out to the community where you will get varying responses. It is a good way to get focused help. Private messaging is available to privately speak to members and also Kyle and Carson and is a Premium only feature also.

On top of all this if you go into the training there is an ask a question button and you can ask a question within the training. You can scroll down manually and reach it also. There is a lot of interaction and discussion below the training in this manner. Just ask a question! Help is right there!

Wealthy Affiliate – An All Inclusive Environment

I hope you watched the video above and have created your free starter account. If you did, I am sure that you will enjoy your time at Wealthy Affiliate and creating your new business. Please take advantage of this free training inside the starter account. Just click on the Free Training button below.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I hope I have answered the question What is the Wealthy Affiliate Platform with the Video Tour and this article about the Platform. Please leave your response in the comments section below.

I like to hear from readers so please leave me a comment or if you have any questions so I know if I have helped you.

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